May 23 - 26
Our Staff

Fearless Leaders

Edward Hyena Convention Chair Edward has been volunteering his time for furry conventions since 2008, and is the one responsible for this mess.
Jaru / CJ Chief of Staff What doesn't he do? CJ holds the staff together and keeps us on track!

Con Ops

Twitch Otyolf Con Ops AnthrOhio / Morphicon was my first con in 2014. I've loved it since. Glad to help as staff!
Chloe Con Ops Hiya, I’m Chloe, a friendly foxy who likes making friends and being silly!
Jak T. Wuffle Con Ops Just a Short Angry Waffle-Wolf. Attending the con since 2010, now thrown into ConOps. Just keep your paws off my waffle! >:C
CoolSilver Wolf Con Ops A digital wolf that has found a way into physical reality: CoolSilver. Active in Central Ohio fandom since 2012.


Mori Registration Head

Programming, Events, and Activities

Snow Wolf Video Gaming Lovable fursuiter that should not be given candy because hyperness. Really likes video games.
Ursa Supreme Tabletop Room Number One Bear with a passion for movies, Pokemon, and of course board games.


Rain Head of Hospitality The Hoss in charge of your food!
Iceshadow13 Hospitality A friendly floppy eared mutt who resides in central Ohio and often spends her time drawing and building fursuits.
Aaron Hospitality Just a chill mutt who resides in northeast Ohio.

Artist's Alley / Dealer's Den

Reed Artist's Alley Department Head Reed is the head of artist alley, and he is so excited to be back this year. In his free time he enjoys volunteering and acting.

Web and Technical

AJ Firewolf Publicity I'm AJ, I help keep our social frontier up and running.
Jem Kegawa Webmaster Native Columbus Fur and software developer - this "wolfsky" loves programming, tabletop gaming, pc/xbox gaming, and his family.
Drykath Website Assistant and IT OMG A DRAGON! RUN!
Akea Grommet A/V Technical Working behind the scene to keep those on stage looking good.

Special Thanks

Patrick L. Jennings Video Assets We'd like to thank Patrick for his excellent video used across our site! He is an editor and student living in Chicago.
Rats Eye View Photos We'd like to thank Rats Eye View for taking photos at our con these past few years and allowing us to use it across our site!

2018 Volunteers

Thank you to all our gophers and panelists who helped make AnthrOhio a success!

  • 9tails 
  • OXLEY! 
  • Omotics 
  • talmak 
  • Sakura 
  • ZenC 
  • Jakul Frosti 
  • b4dw01f 
  • Yahve
  • Bizerbit 
  • Supreme Ding Dong 
  • Navic Panther 
  • Pet the Fox!
  • Wes
  • Liru
  • Ace the wolf
  • Mango kitty
  • Dusty Dingo 
  • Max DeGroot
  • Draconis
  • Keefur
  • Onyx 
  • BunnyHugger
  • Citrine Husky
  • Poker Wolf
  • Scottishwolf
  • Foresta 
  • Austin Dern
  • Mouse
  • Paul Calhoun
  • Glowsheep
  • Featherbutt
  • Lunar S. Fox
  • Fury
  • Velocity/Alexis
  • Monica
  • Connor Goodwolf
  • Roderick Slakkco
  • Fevirre
  • Ghimno
  • Kilanon Gryphon
  • Pandez
  • PCCCP(Princess Cotton Candy Cloud Puff)
  • Ryoku7
  • Scratch Sabertooth
  • Snow Flake
  • WiFi
  • Chim
  • Yiffox
  • Rykus Lycaida
  • Specs wolf