May 24 - 27
Guests Of Honor

AnthrOhio is pleased to have Draconis, Ribnose, and Keefur as guests of honor this year!


Draconis came into the fandom no stranger to being in costume or fandom conventions. His first Furry Con was in a one year con called Furry Spring Break (FSB) in the same hotel Draconis was helping run another fandom’s convention there, Gargoyles, The Gathering of Gargoyles. His talents were acknowledged and he was brought on to staff to run the gaming track along with the charity auction that year along with being it’s auctioneer. It was while at FSB that he found what truly interested him and that was fursuiters and how many of them got their own costumes to wear at the con.

Calamity is Florida cougar also known as a Florida Panther though he likes being known as a Mountain Lion also. He is known to drink whenever he can and prefers liquor hard sweeter beers , likes lon chairs and will gladly tell you about them along with TV trays and Pink Flamingos in his yard. If you are looking for someone who is classy it is not this cat. He can be found normally wearing camo and some sort of cap on his head. He will gladly talk to you so long as you can give him something to talk about. He is not very bright but let him think he is. He hopes one day to be placed in a breeding program where the girls have no choice but to let him give them some of his luv’n.


Nicole Johnson was born July 5th, 1986 and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Her art career began before she can even remember, drawing and crafting creations since early childhood.
In high school, Nicole also began producing electronic music. As her self-taught technique developed, she adopted the musical alias Boreal Network and quickly became an underground favorite in the indie downtempo world.
She received her B.A. in Philosophy from St. Olaf College in 2009. While there, she hosted a radio program dedicated to showcasing the breadth of variety in electronic music.
In 2010 Nicole befriended Dana Simpson, creator of Ozy & Millie. She moved to Seattle to be closer to Dana, and the two formed a sisterly relationship as Nicole honed her skills and Dana developed the strip that would become Phoebe & Her Unicorn.
Since then, Nicole has developed a range of personal art projects, including the painfully earnest dragon-themed webcomic Meadowhawk and several music aliases (Maousss, Cone Distance). Somewhere along the way, costuming and fursuiting got mixed into her repertoire as well.
In addition to continuing her life of music and artwork with her adoptive family, her dream is to become an illustrator of children's books and comics


Keefur is a graymuzzle that currently runs a print shop, PawPad Printing, with Draconis, in Memphis, Tennessee, that mostly makes paperback books, and Furry convention booklets. Keefur accidentally discovered the Fandom in 2009 (ask him to tell you about it). His hobbies include fursuiting for charity, antique appraisal/hunting, and helping to run the Furry cons, Fangcon (5 years) and ArkConsas (new). Quick with a joke, Keefur loves writing parody songs. He also is known for his Photoshop work and in helping to theme different Furry cons. He self-constructed his own fursuit and has helped with several others. He and Draconis sometimes partner with artists to create items for the Fandom to vend and their latest endeavor has them partnered with Nash the Red Panda to bring airbrush art to the Fandom. Keefur's Fursuit character, Cutter Cat the Sabertooth, has a distinct aversion to tar pits and loves to hunt prey in elevators, where he claims the prey can't escape. He is friendly and outgoing, so be sure to give a hug and say hello when you meet him.